Sunday, January 24, 2010

Symptoms that are related to Autism

Social Symptoms

-lack of interaction
-lack of eye contact
-resisting attention from others
-slow to interpret emotions
-can not express their emotions

Communication Difficulties

-may be mute all their lives
-use sign language or visual icons to communicate
-inability to understand meanings of communication (body language, tone, etc.)

Repetitive Behaviors

-Repetitive physical motions (hand flapping, walk on toes, arm movements)
-Consistency in routines
-OCD tendencies

Physical and Medical Issues that may Accompany Autism

-Pica (eating of inedible items)
-Genetic disorders
-Gastrointestinal disorders
-sleep dysfunction
-sensory integration dysfunction

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  1. I have a student on the autistic spectrum who will focus repeatedly on one particular topic. Currently he is obsessed with transformers and that is all he will write about during writing. A while ago it was butterflies and penguins. While I appreciate his need to do this do you have any suggestions for how to address it and maybe refocus him on the material being taught.